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We go out of our way to cater for everyone. With options of dairy free, low calorie, gluten free or vegetarian friendly food & drinks.

We at the Bake House understand how hard it is to eat out when you have dietary concerns, be it allergies or just wanting to eat healthy.

Food allergies and intolerances in the UK are becoming more and more prominent, Allergy UK suggests that our environment and our lifestyle are contributing the most to the increase. The Bake House can’t prevent allergies or intolerances but we can help by offering gluten free alternatives to the majority of our menu, when nuts are used they will be clearly identified. We will always stock a variety of non-dairy alternatives for drinks and many of our dishes can be made with these adaptions.

When dealing with “free from” products we will use separate cooking utensils and separate storage containers to create the minimum amount of cross contamination. For this reason, many of these products will not be in the display unit – please ask what we have available. We will try our best to keep all of these items allergy free but we cannot guarantee any of our products 100% as each person’s allergies are different. Please make us aware of allergies and we can help as much as possible.

Healthy eating is hard…especially in a coffee shop with cakes and pastries on display! We can use skimmed milk in any of your drinks at no extra charge which will reduce the calorie content of a standard latte by half; it’s that easy to reduce your calories!
Many of our products will be made using a “lighter” alternative and these will be clearly marked for you so you can make an informed choice. All our sandwiches have the option to be made in to an open sandwich which reduces the bread but will increase the salad and can be served with homemade savoury popcorn instead of kettle chips. If you’re working to a specific diet e.g. 5:2 or Weight Watchers, let us know and we can tell you the calories count or points of each dish!

All products sold in the Bake House can be traced back to their source; we have made a conscious decision to only use British suppliers who have full traceability records.


I enjoyed a brilliant afternoon tea here today with friends. Great place lovely décor and tasty food. Even catered for me as a vegan. I'll definitely be visiting again. ;-)
C Ripley

Had a fab day here with friends on Sunday. The staff were lovely and the food delicious. Would recommend and I'm looking forward to returning
C Kenyon

Lovely place to chill out and relax with gorgeous food. Can recommend the afternoon tea xx
L Voss